Steve, CLT

Rob, I just retired this month November, that is the only reason I have canxed my subscription. I have been working for PI, US, and now AA. SKED to American was foreign to me. Someone suggested Lite Sabre to me about 2.5 years ago. It was an absolutely great place to go for all the info I needed to make this all work. I don't know which of the apps helped me more. The co info app was the bomb, letting me know what the co refused to tell me, depart delays, a/c swaps, canxed flts, ECT.... All of the features were invaluable to me. Thank you for making Lite Sabre available to the pilot group. This kept me from having to relearn DECS and the entries for work related items. I say this because in 1976 I was a ticket agent for a commuter airline and we used sabre and DECS at the time, so 43 years later I was still having to use this horrible system for work! Thanks again and good luck guys!

John, LGA

So far the Auto trade thing is working great. I like the fact that I can set all the choices right from my phone. I hate thinking about this stuff while I'm at home. Thanks.

John, LGA

Finally... what CCI should be. Thanks for all your hard work.

Mike, MIA

I've been using LiteSabre from the beginning and would like to add my wholehearted recommendation, too. One feature that hasn't been mentioned here which I really like is the ability to build HISEP entries off-line, re-order them as necessary and then upload them to DECS. Deciding to insert an additional entry is no problem now!

Rob just keeps adding features, so the whole concept is a continually evolving one with a lot of nice touches. For example, the phone app has hot-linked phone numbers for dispatch and the layover hotel - a neat, simple time-saver. And the calendar sync through Google calendar is fantastic!

One last point -- when I have dropped Rob a line pointing out a bug or suggesting an improvement, he responds quickly and gets right on it. Fantastic!

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