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FAR 117 Legality Tester

The Ultimate FAR 177 App

Are the new federal pilot rest rules keeping you awake at night? Frustrated by the complexity of the new FAR 117 regulation? Now you can take the guess work out of FAR legality issues. With LiteSabre's Far 117 web app you are in control again. This app works in any mobile or laptop browser so you'll never be without it.

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The Features You Want

LiteSabre's Far 117 web app comes with...

  • Tester. Add a sequence to your schedule and/or remove an existing sequence, and then run the 'tester'. LiteSabre's Far 117 app will compute all 117 legalities, such as, 10 hour rest limit (including 15 minute debrief), 168 hour limits, 672 hour limits, and direct conflicts.
  • Calc. Calculate any time plus or minus 10+15 or 10+30, plus a full 'elapsed time' calculator. Also, you can change the theme of the app in this page. Choose among 4 different styles, depending on your mood.

Enter your Sequences Manually (If Data is Missing!)

Normally, LiteSabre downloads and stores all of your sequence data. But, there may be some data missing. Perhaps you joined LiteSabre less than 672 hours ago, and LiteSabre did not capture your information from before you joined. Here you can paste any sequence into LiteSabre so it can be recorded into the FAR 117 database.

NOTE: Future flights or FDPs cannot be inputted here. LiteSabre's FAR 117 app will automatically download your HI3 and HI5 as long as you keep your subscription current. Do not enter any sequence here unless you have finished flying them.

Enter the start date of this sequence by clicking this box.

Data Verification

Below are your monthly hard time flight times as recorded by LiteSabre. This might give you an idea of where the discrepancy lies. You can then inspect the database below to find the exact flights that need adjusting.

Inspect your flights and FDPs in the LiteSabre Database (Past events only, except training)

Have you noticed an inaccuracy in the stored database and want to correct it so your FAR 177 app is perfectly accurate? You can do so right here. Just enter the date range that covers the offending data, click Submit, and then delete the leg(s) or FDP(s) that are inaccurate. You can then upload a new Sequence above with the correct data. Don't worry, LiteSabre will not enter duplicates.

Enter the start date of the range.
Enter the end date of the range.

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